Intelligent Tools For Innovation

Empowering the Innovation Professional

Intelligi empowers and provides economic development, innovation centre and incubator professionals with international benchmarking and operational tools to support their mission of developing local skills, innovation and start-ups for a digital world.

Intelligi helps innovation professionals to articulate the economic impact of their activities in their local economies, and provides valuable insights into key metrics for digital economies and innovation processes.
Intelligi provides an end-to-end toolset for the economic development processes to identify, pursue and manage valuable innovation opportunities and engage clients with high growth potential.
Intelligi supports innovation and incubator managers by providing an operational framework and score carding system to support their day-to-day operations, strategy development and stakeholder relationship management.
Intelligi combines the outcomes from these innovation and economic development processes into a clearly articulated view of innovation across the local economy to foster collaboration and innovation community development.

An initiative by the Future Cities Institute, the Intelligi Platform has been built with the Innovation Professional in mind.

Whether you are an economic development professional, innovation centre manager or incubator 'curator', Intelligi provides a platform that supports your operational rhythm in building digital skills, fostering the creation of new start-ups and development world class innovation for industry.